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Pay one fee, one time and we will help you clear CAIVRS or your money back.

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  • Access to our 12 Step Process
  • One-on-One support from Udeany Expert
  • Discharge Evaluation
  • Forgiveness Evaluation
  • Reassurance Letter
  • Money-Back Guarantee

We Can Help With Your Defaulted Student Loans

There’s an 85% chance our 12-step process can help you clear CAIVRS in 30 days or less.

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Escape CAIVRS Like Houdini

The escape artist, Harry Houdini, didn’t have student loans — but he did find himself in some very desperate situations. To escape, he would craft a special series of steps designed to quickly extricate himself. We followed his lead.

Our 12 Step process simplifies the complexities of clearing CAIVRS. Most of our steps can be completed in just minutes. Start on Step 1 today. Once you get to Step 12 CAIVRS will be clear and you will have a Default Clearance Letter in hand!

When Time Is Of the Essence

Our fastest time to clear CAIVRS is 12 calendar days. This was not by accident. Our process was developed with speed in mind.

The quickest results require absolute precision. Things must be submitted correctly, in a specific sequence, and through the proper channels to yield the best results.

Our process ensures you make all the best choices so you can clear CAIVRS in the shortest time possible.

A Company You Can Trust

If you don’t have trust you don’t have anything. Your trust is precious to us. For that reason, we are fully accredited by the Memphis Better Business Bureau.

Check out our reviews on the BBB Website. Then come back and let’s get busy fixing your CAIVRS problem!

BBB Reviews

Udeany, Student Loan Consulting, Memphis, TN

Nicholas F.

Would recommend highly was so friendly and polite, helped guide me through the process and helped me get my defaulted student loan into good standing so I could get my first house and In just a couple of weeks!!


Chelsea B.

We found the perfect house, went to apply for a loan only to find out I was on the CAIVRS list. I had no idea! I started googling and found Alton. He was a God send and he helped me get cleared! I am now approved and closing on my house in two weeks!


Michael T.

Alton was amazing and I believe he may have beat the record for the fastest time to clear CAIVRS!!! He was able to help me on time to close on a house purchase! I could not be happier!!


Get One-on-One Help

Finding out you have a CAIVRS problem is a gut punch. The last thing you want to do is start scouring the internet or having to call collection agents.

When you reach out to Udeany, we reach out to you. We take an understanding and systematic approach to your CAIVRS problem. We discuss all the possible solutions in a clear and concise manner. Then we help you take immediate action.

Once you connect with Udeany you stay connected. You will have your own personal representative assigned to help you through the process. If have a question or concern we are always just a text message away.

Multiple Possibilities











You may be eligible for one or more of those methods. We will want to briefly discuss all of those methods, determine your best course of action, and help you get started moving forward.

Gain Reassurance

CAIVRS has historically been a “Deal-Breaker.” Sellers, loan officers, and mortgage companies are very skeptical that the problem is going to be fixed anytime soon.

If you are under contract, please let us know. We will provide you a letter that will bring them great reassurance that your name should be removed from the CAIVRS list soon.

Guaranteed Results

Our refund policy is simple. We guarantee to help you clear CAIVRS or your money back.

We Respect Your Privacy

Our process was created with your privacy in mind. You can move from Step 1 to Step 12 without ever having to give us your Social Security Number, Date of Birth, or Banking Information.

Keep your personal information where it belongs – in your possession!

We Respect Authority

Fixing defaulted student loans involves visiting Government websites that are off-limits to anyone other than the borrower.

Our process was not only designed to protect your privacy, but also to respect the Government’s wishes. We show you in simple steps how to perform our proven process — the exact process used by hundreds of people to fix their defaulted student loans in record-breaking times.

This makes you happy — because CAIVRS is clear. And Uncle Sam is happy — because it keeps third parties off their federal websites.

CAIVRS Hotline

Have a question? Simply call our CAIVRS hotline.

All calls returned on the same day — including Sundays!


We could, but it would take twice as long and cost twice as much. If you need your CAVIRS cleared rapidly then you have to do it yourself. Thankfully, our step-by-step process makes it quite easy!

21 days.

Yes. After CAIVRS is clear you can request a default clearance letter that contains account numbers (MCR1). Your lender can use this letter to rapidly restore your credit report.

No. At this time we can only help clear CAIVRS caused by defaulted federal student loans.

Yes. Consolidation is our primary means to clear CAIVRS, but we also look at other possibilities, like Discharge, Settlement, Forgiveness, and Rehabilitation.

Nope. Eligibility is not based upon your credit score or income. If you have the right kind of loans, have hidden issues, and submit everything correctly, then you should be approved.

12 calendar days

Credit Alert Verification Reporting System

No, but some private loans are federally insured. It’s always best to start our process so one of our agents can take a look.

Yes. There are several situations where consolidated loans can be reconsolidated. It’s best to start our process so one of our agents can take a look.

Udeany is a publishing company with expertise in federal student loan programs. We publish information to help solve complex student loan problems. Then our consultants offer support to ensure those who purchase our information can easily move through each step of our processes.

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